International Paper Money Show

Free Educational Speakers Series

Each year, specialists from around the globe meet at the IPMS to present brand new research in the field of paper money. There is no charge for admission for this series.

Because the 2020 show was canceled, here is 2019's line up to give you an idea of available topics:

  • Joseph Boling - WW I Resulted in Many Emergency Paper Money Issues—and the Counterfeiters Followed Right Along - Friday 10 am
  • Nick Bruyer - The First U.S. Demand Note (It's not what you think!) - Saturday 1pm
  • Terry Bryan - What Happened to all those Obsolete Notes?—Adventures with Canceling Hammers - Friday 3pm
  • Robert Calderman - Introduction to Small Size U. S. Currency Collecting - Friday 1 pm
  • Steve Carr - First Names on Kansas National Bank Notes - Friday 11 am
  • Mark Drengson - Launch of the SPMC National/Obsolete Bank Note History Project - Saturday 2 pm
  • Ray and Steve Feller - Money of Neutral Nations in World War II - Saturday 11 am
  • Pierre Fricke - A tales from each side of the Civil War: United States Demand Notes and Mysterious CSA Fantasy Issues - Saturday 12 pm
  • Peter Huntoon - Nuclear Silver: When Treasury collided with Physics - Friday 12 pm
  • Roger Urce - Japanese Puppet Banks in China - Friday 2 pm
  • Jamie Yakes - Small-Size 12-Subject Changeover Pairs - Saturday 10 am