Sheraton Crown Center
2345 McGee Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
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Bourse Schedule


Thursday, June 7 : 12 pm - 6 pm Dealer/Exhibitor set-up\

Friday, June 8 : 9 am - 5 pm

Saturday, June 9 : 9 am - 5 pm

Sunday, June 10 : 9 am - 3 pm

Hotel Info:

Sheraton Crown Center Hotel
2345 McGee Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 841-1000

Click here and make your reservation online or call the hotel at 816-841-1000 and mention the International Paper Money Show for a discounted room rate!

IPMS Contact:

Doug Davis, Bourse Show Chairman
Call: 817.723.7231
or email Doug@IPMSKansasCity.com



2018 Dates :

The dates have been set for the 2018 International Paper Money Show - Mark your calendars now and prepare to attend Thursday June 7 - Sunday June 10!



The International Paper Money Show

CHANGE HAS COME! For the last four decades The International Paper Money Show has stood at the forefront of the Paper Money-Banknote collecting industry. Its proud tradition is well known and second to none. With this year’s event we are excited to be embracing CHANGE. CHANGE is good. CHANGE is now. The time has come for us to set our sights on the future of trade shows and collector events within the fields of money, and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

MONEY 2017 will soon be off and running with the theme of the Past, Present and Future of Money. We will explore what it is that the PAST can teach us, and how we can utilize that knowledge to benefit us NOW and in the FUTURE. We are encouraging all exhibitors to rise to the challenge and embrace this theme.

KANSAS CITY here we come! For the last 40 years The International Paper Money Show has been held in Memphis Tennessee. This year we land in Missouri, the “Show Me” state! As in “Show Me - The Money!” We are excited to welcome all of our regulars, attendees and vendors to our new center of the heartland location.

Our convention space is located within the Sheraton Hotel perfectly positioned inside the Crown Center Complex. The famous HALL family had built the Complex as the corporate headquarters for Hallmark Cards. Obviously there is a difference between designing greeting cards and designing banknotes. However, we feel both require a major amount of talent and artistry and will provide a strong sense of camaraderie for the event.

The Crown Center complex offers an all inclusive shopping and entertainment venue, complete with live theatre, casual and fine dining, mixed with a wide array of educational and nightlife experiences. So much to do day or night and it’s all within walking distance through a a series of climate controlled glass walkways.

While in Kansas City you will have an opportunity to check out one of the most amazing collections of paper money the Midwest has to offer. Kansas City is the home of the Tenth Federal Reserve Bank Headquarters. At their money museum you can see a display of the 1928 $100,000 Gold Certificate serial #2. That’s not all! They also possess some ultra rare large size Gold Certificates as well. It is a high quality museum that is open to the public free of charge. The Money Museum is a short ride or a good walk from our venue.

Make the most of your trip! Other attractions abound, go to www.visitkc.com for even more entertainment suggestions.


Nearby entertainment :

Not sure where to go for a night on the town? Check out the KC Restaurant Guide website for a list of nearby locations for drinks and dining. (Nearby locations will include the Downtown and KC Power & Light areas.)


Sample Speakers Series

The 2017 Speakers Series line up is pending. For reference, here is a list of previous presentations:

Benny Bolin - Spencer Clark, the untold true story of the first BEP Director

Joseph Boling - The Cheshire Faker

Steve Carr - Chaos and Pandemonium, every national bank note has a story

Carlson Chambliss - Series 1900 Gold Certificates and other ultra high large size notes

Ray & Steve Feller, David Frank - Camp Hay Australia currency, great new discoveries

Neil Shafer - Food stamps and coupons, 1939-1943, 1961-2009

Henry Simmons Jr. - Collecting Confederate States of America bonds

Stane Straus - Polymer bank notes, the future of currency

Roger Urce & Howard Daniel - China's Post War Military Currency for Indochina featuring Chinese Custom Gold Unit notes

Jamie Yakes - Series of 1914 Federal Reserve face plate types

Jamie Yakes - Serial 100,000,000 Federal currency

Peter Huntoon - Col. Green, America's most extravagant collector

Peter Huntoon - Cherry pickers guide to national bank note plate and typesetting errors

Memories of Memphis Past: